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International Shipment Process

The usage guide: from registration, to package arrival at tenso, to your doorstep. Service Illustration

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3 Simple Steps

  1. Register at and get your "tenso address"
    Register with us for free
    and receive your own Japanese address.
    for more detailed information
  2. Shop at Japanese website
    Overseas customers can now shop at Japanese websites that don’t support international shipping.
    Simply enter your tenso address as your shipping address.
    for more detailed information
  3. Arrival
    Your ordered package will arrive at the warehouse.
    Package Registration
    After a package arrives at our warehouse, we open, check and weigh it, then register the package into your account and you will be notified via email.
  4. Package confirmation and payment
    Please confirm your package information and submit your payment.
    for more detailed information
  5. International Shipment
    Upon receiving your payment, will ship your package.
    Clearance from Customs
    Customs must confirm that the content of your package is not prohibited in your country.
    Customs procedures and laws depend on the destination country and the content of the package.
  6. Arrival of Your Package

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