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Package Confirmation and Payment

Confirmation of your package, payment and international shipment handling.

Package Confirmation and Payment

When your package is delivered to Tenso's warehouse, we inform you by email.
You can also check your package arrival on "my page".

Please make a payment after confirming your package contents from "my page".
Then, we will process international shipment.

Confirmation, Payment and Shipment Guide

  1. Package Confirmation

    1. Package Confirmation

    In order to confirm your package, log into and look at the "pending items" tab on the "International Shipment"page.

  2. Reviewing and Editing Package Information

    2. Reviewing and Editing Package Information

    You will see the detailed infromation about your package.

    This information is based on the shipping slip in your package. uses that information to create an invoice for your package and process international delivery.

    To edit your package information, click on "Edit". Then, edit your package information.

    Please confirm EMS insurance and your shipping address, before you make a payment from "edit membership information" on your "my page".
    Please note that after you submit a payment, you will not be able to change your shipping address.

    After confirm your package information, click on "Process shipping procedure" and proceed to payment.

    In case you would like to consolidate your packages, click on "Consolidate this Package" to apply for package consolidation service.

    Important points regarding editing your information.

    We cannot process your shipment in the following cases:

    * Your package is prohibited in the destination country.
    * The price you list differs from the products market price
    * Failing to list the true contents of the package

    Customs Issues cannot be held responsible for items that are seized at customs.
    Also, will not accept general prohibited items such drugs, guns and cash.

    In the event that the real price of a product is undeterminable due to it being a gift, used or bought at an auction, it is the customer's responsibility to price it according to the current market price. is not responsible for the product price, package content and number of items in the package.

  3. Select Shipping Method

    3. Select Shipping Method

    Click [Select] to choose your shipping preference among EMS, AIR, SAL and Surface Mail.

    The background color of the selected shipping method will be changed, then click [Proceed with this Shipping Method] to move to the next step.

  4. Payment

    4. Payment

    You will see your registered payment method.

    Please choose "Proceed to Pay".

    If you select another payment method, please edit payment information through "Edit/review your payment method" first.

  5. Processing Shipment

    5. Processing Shipment

    Click on "paid items" on "list of your package" to check your paid items.

    If your package status is "paid (Processing Shipment)", we are now processing international shipment procedure.

  6. International shipment

    6. International shipment

    After completes the shipment procedure, the status of your package will change to "shipped."

    You can find your tracking number in the upper part of the Package Information display. 

    Please check our tracking information page to find the link for tracking your item.

    *Some countries do not offer tracking information.

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