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「おまとめ梱包」サービスのサービス概要 「おまとめ梱包」サービスの注意事項 「おまとめ梱包」サービスの使い方

* You will have 30 days within the package's arrival at to take advantage of the consolidation service. Make sure that you apply within 30 days as you will not be able to do so after.

* If the total weight of packages selected for consolidation is heavier than 30kg and costs more than 200,000yen, your packages will not be consolidated.

* At the moment, we do not accept adding a new item to an already consolidated package as well as canceling consolidation. Therefore, please make sure that you request this service after all of the packages you would like to have consolidated, have arrived at our storehouse.

We cannot accept customers' requests for expedited shipping and handling.
Tenso will start consolidation 1 day after you apply for consolidation service, provided your application is accepted.
On average, it takes about a day to consolidate your packages.

Please note that your consolidated package may be heavier than the estimated weight listed on “my page.”
When we consolidate, we use packaging supplies in order to protect the package from possible damage that could occur en route to it's destination. does not accept package consolidation related requests.
Customer requests such as "Please do not use packaging supplies and make it as light as possible." and "Make my package smaller and send it to me." have often led to damaged products.Therefore, we do not accept packaging related requests.
Moreover, does not offer gift-wrapping service.
Packing Process
We try to use the most appropriate sized box for your items. In the event that we don't have an appropriate sized box at our storehouse, we will use a box from the different shopping website.
Packaging conditions for consolidation service.
Basically, we use the same package as it arrives at our storehouse. However, if the items were only put in a bag, we may use a cardboard box in order to prevent any damage and lost items. If you have further questions about this issue, please contact our customer service.

We may reject your application for consolidation if the items are ineligible.
Items may be considered ineligible for consolidation service because they are fragile or their shapes are not suitable.
If so, we will send an email after your application for consolidation.

Also, even if some items can be consolidated, depending on the delivery situation, they may possibly be broken if put together. Please be aware before you apply for package consolidation service.



Custom duty and duty rates depend on the package content, package price and destination country. Tenso usage fee does not include custom duty. The customer will be charged separately for it.
* Click here to learn more about customs procedures for each country.
If you list 0 yen as your package value, we will not consolidate your package. Please value your package at an appropriate price. After you edit the price, you will be able to use package consolidation service.

「おまとめ梱包」サービスのサービス概要 「おまとめ梱包」サービスの注意事項 「おまとめ梱包」サービスの使い方


Before using, make sure to review the conditions of using our service.


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