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「おまとめ梱包」サービスのサービス概要 「おまとめ梱包」サービスの注意事項 「おまとめ梱包」サービスの使い方

How to use Package Consolidation Service.

Application procedure and notice for package consolidation service.

Package consolidation application process

When your packages arrive at your tenso address, apply for consolidation service from your "List of Your Pending Items" in your "my page".

  1. Package consolidation application

    1. Package consolidation application

    Package information will be displayed on your "List of Your Pending Items", after reception of your packages to our warehouse. The button labeled "available for packages consolidation" will appear on the right side of your package information.

    Click on "Consolidate this package" to proceed to consolidation.

    Note: For packages that can not be consolidated, a button labeled "Unavailable for package consolidation" will appear.

    All packages over 30kg (weight) and with a value over 200,000yen, cannot be consolidated.

  2. Completion of packages consolidation application

    2. Completion of packages consolidation application

    From the page "List of packages available for consolidation", check the box for all the packages you wish to consolidate and complete your application.

    *To see conditions for package consolidation, click here.

  3. Packing procedure at tenso warehouse

    3. Packing procedure at tenso warehouse.

    We will start the packing process, after receiving your consolidation application. During that process, the notification "Consolidating", will appear on your "List of Your Pending Items". Please be patient until we inform you of the new weight after consolidating your packages.

    Note: An estimated billing amount will be displayed on "my page". In order to secure your packages, may use some packing materials which could make the initial weight increase. Please be aware of this.

  4. Consolidation's Completion

    4. Completion of Consolidation

    When your consolidation completed, you will be informed on "my page" and by email.
    "Pending (Consolidated)" will be appeared on "List of Your Pending Items" on "my page"
    We will inform you the exact weight of your consolidated package.
    Upon verification of your package information, complete your payment and proceed the shipment process.

「おまとめ梱包」サービスのサービス概要 「おまとめ梱包」サービスの注意事項 「おまとめ梱包」サービスの使い方

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