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「おまとめ梱包」サービスのサービス概要 「おまとめ梱包」サービスの注意事項 「おまとめ梱包」サービスの使い方

To access our "package consolidation service", go to the list of your packages and select the items you would like to consolidate.
There is a package consolidation service fee for this option.

When several items are delivered separately, shipping charges are applied for every individual package that's shipped.
By using the consolidation service, the service and EMS fees are applied only once, thus saving you money.

Notice: It happens rarely that the packages weigh more when combined than shipped individually depending on the package content or shape.

In case you buy more than 2 items from different online shops,
they are delivered and handled at our warehouse and shipped to you all in a single delivery.

「おまとめ梱包」サービスのサービス概要 「おまとめ梱包」サービスの注意事項 「おまとめ梱包」サービスの使い方

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