Here are 4 reasons for choosing tenso ships items from Japanese stores overseas on your behalf!

1. 圧倒的な安さ

Shipping Fee comparison Company T Company D
Handling Fee from 50yen 150yen from 980yen
Shipping Fee from 530yen from 855yen from 120yen
Total Fee from 580yen from 1,005yen from 1,100yen

2. 豊富な配送手段

Shipping Methods Company T Company D
AIR Shipping
SAL Shipping
Surface Mail
  • EMS
  • AIR
  • SAL
  • SHIP
  • This is the fastest shipping method available.
  • This is cheaper than EMS, and the next fastest.
  • This is a good balance between speed and cost.
  • This takes a long time to arrive, but can be quite cheap.

3. 早い倉庫作業