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Service Usage Fee

Service fees start from a low price of 490 yen !

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From Japan to your doorstep: International shipping process

International Shipping Process
From registration to package receival.
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Recommended Shopping Websites

These are the most popular Japanese shopping websites.

  • 楽天市場
  • アマゾン
  • ファッションウォーカー
  • スタイライフ
  • スタイルクルーズ
  • ベルーナ
  • ハンズネット
  • TSUTAYA online
  • ケンコーコム
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Frequently asked questions about the Tenso.com service.

Inquiries about member registration
For issues regarding member registration and site use.
Inquiries about shopping
For issues regarding shopping at Japanese websites.
Inquiries about package forwarding service
For issues regarding international shipment procedures.
Inquiries about international delivery
For issues regarding international shipment and EMS.
Inquiries about package consolidation service
For issues regarding package consolidation service.
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Before using tenso.com, make sure to review the conditions of using our service.


Forwarded Ranking by Items

  1. Clothes / Fashion
  2. Books / DVDs
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Health Food
  5. Game Software

Japanese time (JST)

Business days

Business hours
10:00am to 17:00 JST
Weekdays Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Japanese holidays

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EMS shipping chargeYen +  Shipping handling feeYen =  Usage feeYen * EMS Insurance, Consolidation Fee and Custom duty are not included.
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