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​Resumption of package delivery to Mexico

Regarding the temporary suspension of package delivery to Mexico due to the impact of earthquakes, Japan Post has issued a notification that the delivery service to Mexico has been resumed on October 1st, 2017.

Therefore, the shipment of packages from to Mexico via Japan Post will also be resumed.

If you are shipping your package to Mexico, please log in to your My Page and arrange for the shipping and payment.

However, since the retained packages will be processed in priority, it is expected that there will be delay of delivery. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and would appreciate for your understanding.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by the earthquake.


​​Temporary Postponement of Delivery to Mexico Notification

Japan Post publicly announced that the earthquake occurred in Mexico has suspended postal operations in the country from September 21th, 2017.
Therefore, international shipments from Japan to Mexico has been temporarily suspended.

Japan Post Notification

Consequently, will stop shipping packages to Mexico until receiving further information about the resumption delivery from Japan Post.

For the package which will be shipped to Mexico, the storage of it will stop counting until we receive the notification of resumption delivery from Japan Post.If you received the notification about the storage expiring of the package, please make an inquiry to tenso Customer Support.

If you have any questions about it, please contact tenso Customer Support.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by the earthquake.


​Payment error with PayPal has been solved. (May 9, 8 AM)

Regarding PayPal payment error, after we worked with PayPal to investigate on the issue, PayPal has corrected the error at 8AM, May 9.

At this point, making payments to tenso is possible with PayPal.

For customers who were unable to make payments with PayPal from May 4 to May 9, 8AM,
please try to make payments again.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this error.


​'s Golden Week Holiday Notice​

All regular services below will be available during the Golden Week Holiday (4/29~5/7), with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays.

・receiving parcels, consolidation service, package dispatch

Please note that inquires from customers may take a longer time to be responded by customer staffs.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but your understanding is highly appreciated.


Temporary Maintenance Notice(2017/3/30)

We would like to inform you that we will have a system maintenance on the following date.
Please note that all services will not be available during the maintenance work.

*Maintenance Period
March 30th, 2017 4:30 - 8:30 (JST)

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you, and appreciate your understanding.


About package delivery during Chinese New Year holiday (Friday, 27th, Jan, 2017 - Thursday, 2nd, Feb, 2017)

During Chinese New Year holiday (Friday, 27th, Jan, 2017 - Thursday, 2nd, Feb, 2017),
there maybe delivery delays due to shipping companies holiday.

  • #The time period above might slightly differ from country to country.
  • #Packages via Convenience Store Pickup Service (offered only for Taiwan) may delay as well.

The delivery status can be checked with tracking number on each shipping companies' website.

We apologize to anyone who experiences a delay and appreciate your understanding.


Lithium Batteries (i.e. power banks, mobile batteries) are considered as prohibited goods

Effective January 1st, 2017, due to the change of UPS air transportation requirements,
we can no longer ship out lithium batteries internationally (domestic delivery within Japan is not subject to this change).

Items include but not limited to: lithium ion rechargeable batteries, mobile batteries, battery packs for camera, etc.

If we receive a lithium battery item, we will ask our warehouse to discard it.
Please pay extra attention when you purchase related products.

For customers who have already bought lithium batteries and have stored them in our warehouse,
we will send a notification email to you. Please confirm the email and reply to us.

Devices with built-in lithium batteries or in which batteries could be inserted (such as PCs and cameras) can still be shipped.

Please check the details in the following page:

We appreciate your understanding.


About our New Year's schedule

[New Year's Holiday Period]
December 29th, 2016 to January 3rd, 2017 ※jst

The final business day for our operations this year depends on the service.
Any packages or inquires that arrive during the holiday will be handled after the start of business on January 4th, 2017.
However, due to backlog, our operations (shipping, answering inquiries, etc.) will be slower than usual.
Thank you for your understanding.
Please check the information below. All times are listed in Japan time.

*Receiving Packages
Our warehouse will accept packages up through December 30th, 2016.
Any packages that arrive by then will be registered before the New Year.
Any packages that arrive on December 30, 2016 or afterwards will not be registered until after January 4th, 2017.
*International Shipping
Packages that have been paid for by 8:00 on December 30th, 2016 will be given to Japan Post before the New Year.
Packages paid for after that time will be handled after January 4th, 2017.
*Please note that the New Year operating times for Customs, and postal delivery vary from country to country.
Please check your local information for more details.
*Package Consolidation
If you apply for package consolidation by 8:00 on December 30th, 2016 then we will finish your package's consolidation before the New Year.
If you apply for package consolidation after that date, it will be handled after January 4th, 2017.
*Customer Support
All inquiries that arrive before 17:00 on December 28th, 2016 will be answered before the end of the year.
Inquiries that arrive after that will be handled after January 4th, 2017.


Announcement of the cancellation of shipping services to Mexico

Announced by Japan Post, seamail shipping services will no longer be provided to international parcels being shipped to Mexico, starting from December 1st, 2016 [JST].

Therefore, users of will not be able to ship out packages using seamail to Mexico after November 29th, 2016. If you have any package that you wish to ship via seamail, please arrange the shipping and payment as soon as possible.

We apologize for any caused inconvenience, and your understanding will be greatly appreciated.


Changes in our Terms of Service

We would like to inform you that with effect from 4th August 2016, there will be some changes to Terms of Service

The Terms of Service and the button to indicate your agreement to the terms will be displayed after logging into "My Page".
Please review the Terms of Service and tick the checkbox to indicate your acceptance before you proceed to use the service.

<< Revised parts in our Terms of Service >>
Preface of Terms of Service
Article 18: Prohibited conduct 1.(8)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and sincerely appreciate your continued support in advance.


You can now make payments in your country's currency

The settlement system has been upgraded, multi-currency settlement is now available.

Before making a payment, you will need to add your credit card or PayPal account information first.

Please check this page for more information.


Notice: Price revision of EMS and Surface Mail (International post parcel to East Asia)

Thank you for using our service.

Today, we have to regrettably inform Japan Post has announced the price increase of EMS and Surface Mail (International post parcel to East Asia), that goes into effective May 31st, 2016(JST).

Accordingly, the rate of international shipping fees in our service must be also revised.

[Effective date and time]
May 31st, 2016 / 9:15p.m. (JST)

**A system maintenance will be held from 8:15a.m. to 9:15a.m. on May 31st, 2016(JST).

[Details of Price Revision]
  • ● EMS

    The additional shipping fees for each shipping area will be charged.

    • - Asia: 300yen(1g-300g: 500yen)
    • - North America, Middle and Near East, Oceania: 500yen(1g-300g: 800yen)
    • - Europe: 400yen(1g-300g: 700yen)
    • - South America, Africa: 300yen(1g-300g: 700yen)
  • ● Surface Mail (International post parcel to East Asia)

    East Asia: 100~1550yen

  • ● Family Mart Delivery in Taiwan

    Taiwan: 300yen

On the occasion of the price revision, we recommend our customers to purchase and ship packages before the effective date.

However, the revision may not have any affect on the shipping fees of other methods as follows.

  • - AIR
  • - AIR Small Packet Shipping
  • - SAL
  • - SAL Small Packet Shipping
  • - Surface Mail (excluding East Asia)
  • Requests for parcels
    Consolidation service or any other requests for your parcel may basically take 1-2 business days. Please apply for it well ahead of the effective date. will never take any responsibility for the differences in the price that is caused by your request.
  • Taiwan Family Mart Delivery
    There is a possibility that it cannot be shipped due to oversizing and re-payment is required. In the case that the re-payment is placed after the effective date, the new price will be applied to your package. Therefore, please proceed with a payment well ahead of the effective date.