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Please do NOT choose cash/collect on delivery (COD) or credit card payment on delivery when making your order. You must pay for your items at the online store before you ship them to your tenso address. We recommend you pay the online store by credit card.
In Japanese, cash on delivery (COD) may be displayed using the text below. Be sure NOT to choose any of these:"代引き" or "代金引換" or "着払い" or "後払い" or "eコレクト" or "クロネコ@ペイメント". Please note that such packages will be rejected when they arrive at the tenso warehouse and that the shopping website may charge a cancellation fee.

Shipping and Handling Fee

Shipping and Handling Fee from¥580
Handling Fee from ¥50
International Shipping Fee from ¥530

The cost of sending your package overseas is the sum of the international shipping fee and the handling fee.
We will ship your package overseas to you after receiving payment for the above fees.

* Fees are calculated based on the weight of the package and the destination country.

We're different from other companys, and cheaper.

We are the Top in out industry. We also have the cheapest options
Compare shipping and handling fees with other companies
tenso.com Company T Company D
Handling Fee from ¥50 ¥150 from ¥980
International Shipping Fee from ¥530 from ¥855 from ¥120
Shipping and Handling Fee from ¥580 from ¥1,005 from ¥1,100

Shipping Methods

EMS, AIR, SAL, or Surface Mail, you have lots of options to select!
  • EMS
  • AIR
  • SAL
  • SHIP

We can ship via EMS, Airmail, SAL Economy Airmail, or Surface mail!
Based on the size and weight of the package and your needs, we can help you select the best shipping methods fo your peace of mind and budget.

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