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Package Consolidation Service

Packages from multiple shops can be consolidated and ship to you as one package.

About Package Consolidation Service

Packages from multiple shops can be consolidated and ship to you as one package.
Enjoy the convenience of receiving all your items at once and reduced international shipping fee with package consolidation.

Package Consolidation Service Fees

Application fee for this service is 200JPY. Additionally, 300JPY will be charged for each additional package starting with the second package.

For example, to consolidate 3 packages into a single package

Total 800yen

Processing fees
200 yen

Applicable period and conditions

  • Arrived within 30 days<br>(registration date)

    Arrived within 30 days
    (registration date)

  • Estimated total weight < 30kg

    Estimated total weight < 30kg

  • Total value < 200,000JPY

    Total value < 200,000JPY

Conditions of Package Consolidation

  • Consolidation cannot be applied for packages with 0JPY declared value. Please edit the invoice before applying.
  • Adding packages after application is not acceptable. Please apply for this service when all your packages have arrived.
  • Consolidation cannot be cancelled (stopped) after it is applied. Please confirm before applying.
  • In some cases, the consolidated weight may be heavier than the estimated weight. This may occur when we use extra buffering or cardboard boxes. This helps to avoid damages which may occur during overseas shipping, and to protect packages with weak packing.
  • In general, the Package Consolidation Service will utilize the cardboard which originally came with the packages to repackage and consolidate the shipment. If an appropriate size of cardboard is not available, we will package the shipment using the closest size available from our stock of cardboard packaging.
  • If we determine that not all the packages requested can be consolidated as a single package, we will consolidate only the ones that can be consolidated, and contact you regarding the others that could not be consolidated.
  • Consolidation will be processed within 2 business days of your application, and we will notify you via email.

The items below may be unable to be consolidated due to item size.


    Golf clubs


    Fishing rods