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Matters needing attention after delivery procedure

These are the notes that we would like you to read after the shipping is completed.

After delievery formality, your item will be sent from the warehouse to your address
To ensure the item arrive quickly and safely, we would like have your cooperation after shipping.

1. Please track your item until it has arrived.

Check Point

In the case where it shows item kept by local post office

Please contact the post office or customs office immediately (within the due date).

There is a case where the package has returned to Japan after the storage period with out receiving of "Undeliverable Item Notice" or "Customer Notice".

MY PAGE and Japan Post tracking confirmation page

Please note that the storage period are different depending on the delivery method and country, so please check with local post office site or etc..

Check Point

If tracking status's updating has stopped

Please directly contact local post office 5 days after the item has shipped.

If you still unable to find out the location of the item, please send the following information to customer support.

  • Order details

    such as order confirmation mail, purchase history, etc., which can be confirmed by Japanese yen

  • The information of the local post office,

    • Date of inquiry
    • Post office's branch name
    • Staff name

Based on the above information, we will make a request to Japan Post.

2. When get Package, please be sure to open the parcel and check if there is any damage.

When receive Package, please open the Package first and check if there is any damage.

Confirm receipt of Package

If you open your Package on the spot and damage or loss of content has found, please ask the delivery staff to issue a certificate of damage or loss. 

If you found any damage or loss after receipt of the Package but do not have the certificate, it will be unable to claim for the delivery company's compensation.