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Shopping Guide

With our help, you can start shopping in Japan today!

Shopping on Japanese Websites

By using your tenso address, you can shop at Japanese websites including those that do not support international shipping. Simply list your tenso address as your shipping address.

Guide to shopping on Japanese websites


Choose your product

Find your desired item and proceed to purchase it.

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Please be aware that certain products may be prohibited in your country.

Choose your product Choose your product


Get your address

Log in at and obtain your tenso address on "My Page".

Log in

Get your address Get your address


Enter your tenso address as your shipping address

Enter your tenso address (name, address, postcode etc.) as the shipping address on the website from which you would like to make a purchase. You can find your tenso address at the top of your My Page.

We have also prepared several example pages for popular shopping websites including Amazon JP and Rakuten to help you when entering your tenso address on Japanese websites.

How to enter your tenso address

We cannot accept products purchased with cash/collect on delivery or credit card payment on delivery services (such as e-Collect) as the payment method. For further details regarding notices and warnings, please click here .

購入フォームのお届け先にtensoアドレス入力 購入フォームのお届け先にtensoアドレス入力


Item arrives at tenso!

Your item is now on its way to tenso. Once it arrives, we will register it on your My Page within one business day and send you a confirmation email. At that point, you can review the contents and shipping address before paying for international shipping and handling.

Item arrives at tenso! Item arrives at tenso!