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FamilyMart pickup service ONLY available in Taiwan

The pickup service with FamilyMart for packages shipped to Taiwan is offered by now!

With 24-hour convenience store, customers can collect their purchases on their own schedule.

How to use the service?

  1. 1. Choose a shipping method

    Choose a shipping method

    Select "FamilyMart pickup" as shipping method before completing the payment.

    Please choose a Family Mart store to pick up your package, and complete the requiered information.

  2. 2. Shipping


    Shipping by EMS from Japan to Taiwan, then delivered to designated FamilyMart stores.

  3. 3. Notification


    A SMS notification will be sent by designated FamilyMart store to customers.

    Customs duties may be imposed in some cases, which can also be checked from notification message.

  4. 4. Picking up

    Picking up

    Go to a FamilyMart store and pick up your package!

    Customers will also be able to pay customs duties at the store.

Service charge

Service charge

Service conditions


Max Weight 7kg (7,000g)
Max Length 45cm
Length + Width + Depth 105cm
measure with the size

What types of items can be picked up?

Items that are prohibited from shipping by EMS are NOT acceptable by FamilyMart neither.

Please don't ship fragile or valuable items with this service.


No compensation service

The compensation is NOT available for FamilyMart pickup service. EMS insurance program cannot be used neither.

Shipping fragile or expensive items is NOT recommended.(Porcelains, glass products, small electric appliances, etc.)


Customers will receive a EMS tracking number after completes the shipment. This tracking number is only used for tracking the delivery status from Japan to Taiwan. The status of "Final Delivery" indicates that your package is arrived at the warehouse in Taiwan, not necessary means that the package is arrived at the designated FamilyMart.

After your package arrives at selected FamilyMart convenience store and is available for pick up, a shot message notification will be sent to your registered mobile phone.

*Sometimes customers cannot receive the short message successfully due to poor network coverage, overloaded network, phone software fault, or full in or sent mailbox. If you still have not received the short message 4 days after the your package arrives at Taiwan, please go to the selected convenience store directly for further inquiry.

Once payment is complete, customers are not able to change the pick up store. Please confirm the selected store location according to the map before making a payment.

Redelivery Service

FamilyMart will hold a package for 6 canlendar days before returning to the warehouse.

A redelivery can only be scheduled one time. If a package is not picked up after another 6 calendar days, it will be returned to the warehouse again.

In this case, if you request a redelivery. The package will have to be sent to your home address via cash on delivery.

Picking up

To pick up your packages at FamilyMart, please kindly present your identity documents (National ID card or passport) to store staff for verification. Customers must come in person to collect your packages.

Except customs duties (if any), customers are not charged any other fee to collect your packages at FamilyMart.

Refuse Delivery

Generally, customers cannot refuse any packages due to customs charges.

If a package is refused due to above reason, you might be stopped from using forwarding service in future.